Producing extra virgin organic olive oil

We take "bio-care" of all the phases of production, from the tree to the bottle

The olive harvest is done mainly by expert hands. After harvesting, the olives are transferred to the mill in plastic crates of about 30 kg capacity. In this way, the fruits are not damaged because the weight of the upper layers is slight. This also ensures a better air circulation that prevents the establishment of anaerobic fermentation phenomena which lead in a short time unacceptable deterioration of the physical-chemical quality and the organoleptic that it will derive.
It starts within 24 hours of working in the mill: These are the stages of processing in the mill: separation with sieves of leaves or twigs, washing drupes, crushing or milling, pressing the dough with water and centrifugal separation from the oil.

Oil milling for third

  • Turning the olives into olive oil:
    is not production, but passion

    ARS AVI provides customers with a cold-pressing process in a continuous cycle, method of obtaining a high quality extra virgin olive oil. The milling is done within 24 hours after the olive harvest so that the fruit, gently pressed, produces a green high-grade gold-colored oil and a scent of a fruity flavor oil.
    After coming to te mill, the olives are initially stored in special containers, weighed, contrinate and subsequently put into the production cycle to a maximum temperature of 27 ° C. This threshold, the maximum allowed to define the cold press, ensures that the organoleptic properties of the oil are not distorted.
    The process takes place in stainless steel tanks, which guarantee a perfect processing and storage of the product. No type of filtering is performed.

    Taste discovering

  • Sight, taste smell: promoting the culture of olive oil also means sensory education

    This is the spirit in which ARS AVI organizes meetings between curious and fans in the industry with the world of olive oil to explore the existing relationships between territory, food, senses and emotions.

    In particular, ARS AVI offersto everyone the opportunity to:

    • Visiting its oil millings

    • Walks to the discovery of the olive groves

    • Meet local olive oil producers

    • Making wine and food tours

    • Participate in meetings of tasting of our oils

    The Ars Avi commitment to spreading the culture of good and healthy is aimed primarily at younger generations.
    During the time for collection and pressing of the olives we organize educational days for students of all ages. A guide accompanies and explains to the participants the production process, explaining the different stages of olive's processing. In order to let others understand and recognize the olive oil, the company organizes the "laboratories of taste", meetings dedicated to explain the quality of olive oil with the goal of teaching to distinguish between the various products on the market .