• The technology is innovating, tradition is preserving. Two souls in ARS AVI

    The farm was born from the passion of Alberto Petrecchia, who began to cultivate olives of the leccino quality and work them in his own oil mill in San Vittore del Lazio, in the province of Frosinone.
    Subsequently, with the constant increase in production, the company bought even a small mill in the hills of Alvito, always in ciociaria. This choice improves and optimizes the production process and allows the family to offer a service of oil milling third.
    Over time the company gives new impetus and development to traditional farming activities with the original renovation of San Vittore del Lazio oil mill and with the conversion of their crops to organic production. An olive terrain, formed by centuries-old trees and younger trees, which stretches over an area of about 20 hectares.
    Handed down from the father Alberto to his son Fabrizio, ARS AVI today is a company that, thanks to the high professionalism and innovative technologies, offers the market a range of quality oil products, in addition to milling services for third parties.


    Company profile

  • We invest on the territory improvement

    ARS AVI guarantees the best standards of service and product for both the collection and milling on behalf of other local producers, both for the production and marketing of its olive oil lines.
    The company, from its inception to the present, has been transformed and innovated, while continuing to apply the traditional procedure of olive oil production.
    Founded as a small family-owned business, harvesting and pressing of the olives were initially entrusted to the expertise of outsourcing professionals. Subsequently the company has integrated these skills within itself, enriching with highly specialized figures belonging mainly to the local community. his approach was also adopted in the management of the milling services for third parties: the company selects for processing raw materials of growers of the area.
    All this confirms the growing commitment of ARS AVI to promote the development of the land and enhance the local communities with which it shares values and tradition.



  • Ciociarian hills, a lend of excellence
    in the italian agribusiness

    The territorial boundaries of the Province of Frosinone are placed mostly at the mountain ranges and the area is primarily intended for field crops, pastures and farms. Besides the favorable climatic conditions, this land encompasses art, spirituality and culture that give to agriculture not only an economic value but also a social and environmental one.