Olio B - Extra virgin biologic olive oil
Extra virgin ORGANIC olive oil, produced by Petrecchia farm. Organically grown, the olives of quality Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo are collected, selected and cold pressed within 24 hours, without any filtration process. An oil with an intense flavor borns, excellent on the table with raw and authentic dishes.

OlioVero – Extravirgin olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil that comes exclusively from local olives km 0 selected from the best manufacturers in southern Lazio. A typical product for those looking for the excellence of simple tastes. OlioVero is the "real" Made in Italy Oil proposed on the national and international market.

OliVolio – Extravirgin olive oil
Experience an extra virgin olive oil alternative to those offered on the shelves in supermarkets and mass retailers? The OliVolio line is the right choice. A light product, you can use daily in a simple and unpretentious kitchen, but that preserves the nature of true olive oil, not refined or modified in the laboratory.