• ARS AVI, a production of exclusively biologic olive oil

    The farm Petrecchia is certified BIOLOGIC
    ARS AVI, partner of excellence for growers
    The mill ARS AVI has been recognized as equivalent under the "Hygiene Package" by the Istituto Sperimentale Problematiche Ambientali (ISPA).



  • The processes are very "productive" if they enhance the organoleptic quality of oil and at the same time safeguard the environment

    Always ARS AVI actively contributes to sustainable development for:

    • ensure food security

    • spread the culture of quality

    • protect the environment

    In this context, the company is committed to reduce environmental impacts at all stages of the production cycle, from cultivation of the trees to the bottling stage.

    Among the major impacts there is the production of "residue", residue of the extraction phase. The company recovers and enhances the pomace using it as fertilizer agriculture. But not only. It is used in mills as fuel for heating water during kneading, and is entered in the market as, easy to use and has a high calorific value, it is an excellent substitute to wood pellets.

    In addition the same cultivation of olive trees is done with methodologies that reduce environmental impacts, and the systems, in addition to being equipped with modern machines, are fed with clean energy.

    ARS AVI thus helps to optimize the processing and, at the same time, to reduce the amount of waste products.